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I did. It reminded me of the Thanksgiving my uncle had me grab the prong of a wishbone, my best friend on the other side.

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We made a wish and the horseshoe of ivory cracked, and splintered into two pieces. He got the larger half. I still kept my wish hidden, hoping, that one day I'd meet you.

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I would suckle the sorrow from your fingers, wipe the tears and mascara with my cheek, and croon to you I will change. I can change.

But, I must do that; and not for you. Our love is like that wishbone.

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Every time it breaks, we wish but do not work to see it through. Mollie Grant Aug Thursday night is game night but Hasbro has never had this one right. When it strikes be thankful and enjoy the beauty of the miracle. Like I said, miracles are so much better than wishes. The miracles of our lives slowly complete us and one day at the end of our roads, we will be able to look back on all of the miracles that happened to us and we will truly be able to understand why some of the wishes never came true.

Vartabedian: What’s in Your Wishbone This Thanksgiving?

If some of the wishes that you were hoping for came true, then you would not be able to have the miracles that made you complete. Our past life is nothing compared to our future. Be thankful even when wishes do not come true, because your miracle is better and it is on its way.

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